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Leading her life by love and laughter, Sharika K. Forde has a passion for creative expression. Her journey to self-worth began as a senior in high school when she became a teen mom. She began writing as a form of personal healing. She now shares her work in hopes that others will be awakened to bare their gift. 

The Awakening Book of Poems Vol. 1

The Awakening Book of Poems; Bare Emotions of Love, Growth & Self Worth bold yet intricate cover is a perfect compliment to the powerful poetry inside. The Awakening is a collection of poems that bare emotions of love, pain and empowerment. The poems will surprise you. They will inspire you. Most of all, they will awaken you. 

The Awakening Book of Poems Vol. 2

The Awakening Book of Poems; I Dream in Color is a collection of poems and short stories framing personal views and experiences of inequality, judgement and unity. The poems and short stories will capture your mind and awaken your spirit. 

Grandma's Lil' King

Grandma's Lil' King is a sweet and aspiring story about the loving relationship between an African American grandmother and her grandson. The story provides young readers with a gentle introduction to African heritage and explains how you can still be a King even without a crown.

More Reasons to get Grandma’s Lil’ King for your little one:
✔️ a positive image of a black boy as a main character
✔️ educational value (geography, history, zoology, & economics)
✔️ cultural heritage (depiction of Africa)
✔️ family values (love, bond between grandma & grandson)
✔️ bright illustrations
✔️ the narrative of the story (rhyming and poetry)

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